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All Natural & Nut Free

Avalanche bars contain healthy ingredients without tree nuts or peanuts so you and your family can snack safely!

Our Story


Regarding our nut-free preparation standards:

Since our founding, we’ve proudly held the standard of baking a 100% nut-free product, in a 100% nut-free kitchen. 

No peanut or tree nut products of any kind are allowed in the facility, whether as baking ingredients or for consumption by staff and visitors.



While we continue to maintain the strictest standards, as outlined above, we must take responsibility for informing consumers that ingredients come from sources over which we have no supply chain control. 

Every product received is closely inspected for quality. However, we must responsibly advise our customers of the potential for ingredients to have been at some point in contact with environments where strict nut-free protocols have not been followed.